Huo Chengjun, General-in-Chief Huo Guang’s youngest daughter, was empress of Empress of Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty. In the first year of Yuanping of Emperor Zhao, Liu Xun mounted the throne, becoming Emperor Xuan. He set up Xu as empress. Huo Guang’s second wife Xian’er bribed the imperial physician to murder Empress Xu with poison. Huo Chengjun then was set up as empress in 70 B.C.. She bore no child. Emperor Xuan designated Empress Xu’s son Liu Shi as crown prince. Huo Chengjun attempted to murder the crown prince with poison. Emperor Xuan took precautious against her and she was unsuccessful. When the murder of Empress Xu came to light, Huo Chengjun was deposed and banished to the Villa of Cloud and Forest. As the saying goes, “To do evil deeds, one will eat his own seed.” Huo Chengjun, a vicious woman who mounted the empress’s seat by means of trick and conspiracy, finally committed suicide.