Wang Zhi went into the imperial palace to serve the crown prince Liu Qi. When Liu Qi succeeded to the throne and became Emperor Jing, he designated her as Beauty (which was one of the ranks for imperial consorts). In the first year of Emperor Jing, she bore a son Liu Che. Emperor Jing’s eldest son Liu Rong, who was born of the emperor’s favorite consort Li Ji, had been designated as crown prince. The emperor’s elder sister Liu Piao wanted to marry her daughter Ajiao to the crown prince, but Li Ji did not like Ajiao, which incurred Liu Piao’s hatred for Li Ji. Hearing of this, Wang Zhi began to curry favor with Liu Piao, offering to take Ajiao as Liu Che’s wife. After marrying her daughter to Liu Che, Liu Piao with some tricks, persuaded Emperor Jing to depose the crown prince Liu Rong, set up Wang zhi as empress and designated Liu Che as crown prince. In the third year of Houyuan, Emperor Jing died and Liu Che succeeded to the throne, becoming Emperor Wu. Wang Zhi was honored with the title of Empress Dowager.