Yu Ji was beautiful and good at sword dance. She admired Xiang Yu, who was bold and powerful, and married him as his concubine. Passionately attached to each other, they always stayed together. With the overthrown of the Qin Dynasty, Xiang Yu contested the throne with Liu Bang. They fought for four years. Eventually, Xiang Yu was surrounded in Gaixia, with few fighters and no food remaining. At night, hearing Chu songs on all sides, he thought that all Chu’s territory was lost. He drank in his tent and sang “The Song of Gaixia” to Yu Ji. Yu Ji danced with tears and sang in the same tune: “the Han troops have seized our land, and Chu songs are heard on all sides. Since your majesty is exhausted, why should I live the meaningless life?” Having finished her song, she cut her throat, to die for her country and her love. The later tune of “ci” poem “Yu the Beauty” was named after her. Just as the saying goes: With loyalty she would rather cut herself with a sharp sword than dress herself up like a Han with affection.