Fan Ji was beautiful and talented. It was said that King Zhuang wanted to choose one consort to be queen. He asked each consort to present him a gift he needed badly within 3 days. The one offered with the best gift would be chosen. All the consorts, except Fan Ji, tried hard to find a gift the king preferred most. Fan Ji did nothing. The king was surprised and asked her why. Fan Ji replied, “What your majesty need now is a queen. Why bother about anything else?” King Zhuang agreed and set her up as queen Consort. Fan advised the king to choose able and virtuous persons for state affairs. Her contribution to making Chu one of the five powerful states in the spring and Autumn Period was highly recognized. Fan Ji was highly accepted and respected by the king but she bore no child. To bear more children, Fan Ji persuaded the king to set up more consorts. A woman, wise but not jealous, was rarely seen among imperial consorts in ancient times.