Nujiao, Consort of Yu of the Xia Dynasty

Nujiao, born in Tushan, was beautiful and elegant. At the age of thirty, Yu still remained single, as he was busy in flood control. Once he came across Nujiao in Tushan, he fell in love with her. They finally got married in Taisang. Only four days later, Yu bid farewell to Nujiao and went on his journey for water control again. At one time, when Yu went by his own home, his wife happened to have just given birth to a boy. Yu did not stay, because he was still busy with water control. A neighbor asked him to give a name to his new-born baby even if he didn’t stay. The boy was named “Qi” by Yu. By “Qi”, Yu meant “starting out for water control”. Yu stayed out for water control without going home for thirteen years. When he came back, Nujiao was a middle-aged woman. After succeeding to the throne, Yu made Nujiao his Consort. Yu died, his son Qi became the beginning emperor of the Xia Dynasty.