Dong’e, a very beautiful woman from the Solid White Banner of Manchu, was originally Consort of Imperial Prince of Xiang, the younger brother of Emperor Shunzhi. After Imperial Prince of Xiang died, she was summoned into the palace by Emperor Shunzhi and designated as Worth Consort, and several months later, promoted to be Imperial Honored Consort. Factually chief of the palace women, she “was regarded with unusual care by the emperor and was his favorite in the palace”, according to historical records. She was neither conceited, nor did she interfere in state affairs. Living a thrifty life, she never used utensils made of gold or jade, and, on her deathbed, asked people not to use treasures as her funerary objects. In 1660, she died at the age of twenty-two. Emperor Shunzhi felt very sad. He himself wrote a brief biography for her to make her admirable virtues known. He even cut off his hair, intending to become a monk. Being extremely heartbroken, Emperor Shunzhi fell ill and soon died. After her death, Dong’e was conferred the posthumous title of “Empress of Dedication of the Late Emperor” and subsequently the title of “Consort of Loyalty of the Late Emperor”.