Boerjijite was empress of Huangtaiji, Emperor Taizong of the Qing Dynasty. Exceedingly beautiful and resourceful, she was married to Huangtaiji as a concubine in 1625. In 1636, Huangtaiji proclaimed himself emperor and renamed Later Jin as Qing. He designated Boerjijite as Sedate Consort. She bore a prince Fulin. In 1642, the Qing troops attacked and seized Songshan, and captured Hong Chengchou, Governor of Jizhou and Liaodong of the Ming Dynasty. Sedate Consort disguised herself as a maidservant and lured Hong Chengchou into surrender. Later, Hong Chengchou led the Qing troops into the Mountain-and-Sea Pass and the Ming Dynasty perished. In 1643, Fulin succeeded to the throne, becoming Emperor Shunzhi. Sedate Consort was honored with the title of Empress Dowager and the imperial uncle Duoergun was designated as Prince Regent. In order to consolidate her son’s throne, the empress dowager married Duoergun. After Fulin died, Xuanye succeeded to the throne, becoming Emperor Kangxi. He honored her with the title of Grand Empress Dowager. The grand empress dowager has great effect contributing to the flourishing age under Kangxi’s reign.