Wan was from Zhucheng, Shandong. Since Zhu Jianshen was designated as crown prince at the age of two, he had been taken care of by Wan. In 1464, Zhu Jianshen mounted the throne and became Emperor Xianzong, when he was eighteen years old while Wan was thirty-five. Designated as Consort and much favored by the emperor, Wan acted as if she was chief of the palace women. In the second year of Chenghua, Wan was promoted to be Honored Consort. As age staled her beauty and she had borne no child, Wan was afraid that other consorts might win the emperor’s favor if they borne sons. So whenever a palace woman was pregnant, she would force her to take abortion. In the seventh year of Chenghua, Worthy Consort Bai bore a prince Youji, who was designated as crown prince but was murdered with poison by Wan. When a palace woman Ji became pregnant, she pretended to be suffering from abdominal distension and bear a prince Youtang. In the twenty-third year of Chenghua, Wan died, conferred the posthumous title of “Reverence and Complaisance”. It was a historical satire as Wan was a cruel woman and granted such a good posthumous title.