Beautiful and virtuous, Tiemuzhen’s grand empress Boertai Xuzhen was Texuechan’s daughter from the tribe of Hongjici, Mongolia. When they got married, there was a black marten coat in Boertai Xuzhen’s dowry. Tiemuzhen presented it to Wanghan of the tribe of Kelie. With pleasure, Wanghan sent an army to help Tiemuzhen restore his father’s cause. Texuechan’s tribe grew stronger and stronger. In 1206, Texuechan found the state of Mongolia and was selected as grand Khan, entitled Genghis Khan. As his legal wife, Boertai Xuzhen became empress. Respectful to the old and kind to the young, good at doing small favours, and treating worthy men with courtesy, Boertai Xuzhen set a good example to the other palace women and made great contributions to the unification of Mongolia. Genghis Khan died. His son Wokuotai, who was born of Boertai Xuzhen, succeeded to the throne, and was later entitled Emperor Taizong. After Hubilie founded the Yuan Dynasty, Boertai Xuzhen was conferred the posthumous title of “Empress of Bright Dedication and Assistance” for her contributions.