Xiao was empress of Li Heng, Emperor Muzong of the Tang Dynasty. In the 15th year of Yuanhe, Emperor Xianzong died. Li Heng succeeded to the throne and became Emperor Muzong. He set up Xiao as empress. Five years later, Emperor Muzong died. In the first year of Dahe, Li Ang was set up as Emperor Wenzong and Xiao was Honored with the title of Empress Dowager. Spending her later years in dignity and honor, she, together with the grand empress dowager and Empress Dowager of Baoqing, was respected as “The Three Empress Dowagers.” In the 5th year of Kaicheng, Emperor Wengzong died. Li Yan mounted the throne and became Emperor Wuzong. Empress Dowager Xiao moved into the Palace of Jiqing and was thus called Empress of Jiqing. When she died in the first year of Dazhong, Xiao was conferred the posthumous title of “Empress of loyalty and Dedication”.