Yang Yuhuan was the daughter of Yang Xuanyan, Revenue Manager of Shuzhou. With a plump figure and dignified bearing, she was the most beautiful of all among the palace women. Good at singing and dancing and versed in music, she was a famous beauty in ancient China. She was originally consort of King of Shou, one of Emperor Xuanzong’s sons. When Emperor Xuanzong fell in love with her, he got her to renounce the family and become a Taizhen. Then she went into the palace in secret and was designated as Honored Consort. She got a plump figure and delicate flesh. There was a saying “when she looked back with a smile, she was so charming, making all the other palace women look plain. In cold spring, she was invited to bathe in the Pond of Huaqing, in which hot spring water washed her smooth, soft and glossy skin…The spring night seemed too short as the sun was soon high in the sky. Because of her, the emperor no longer presided in court early.” They lived a dissolute life. In the fourteenth year of Tianbao, An Lushan launched a rebellion. In a hurry, Emperor Xuanzong fled westwards. At the Post Station of Mawei, the troops refused to move on. Emperor Xuanzong was forced to order Honored Consort Yang to hang herself, when she was thirty-eight years old.