Lady of Plum, whose name was Jiang Caiping, was from Putian, Fujian. She was intelligent and well versed in writing. Fond of plum blossoms, she planted a lot of plum trees in the palace and built the Pavilion of Plum for her to watch them. So she was called Lady of Plum by Emperor Xuanzong. Beautiful, quiet and tender, she was not jealous and would not contest favor with others. After Yang Yuhuan went into the palace, Lady of Plum lost the emperor’s favor and was moved to the Palace of Shangyang, where she pleased herself with reading books, composing poems, practicing calligraphy and painting pictures. When Emperor Xuanzong sent her a box of pearls, which were tribute from a minority nationality state, Lady of Plum accepted indifferently and wrote a poem entitled “Thanks for the Pearls”. It said, “My eyebrows haven’t been blackened for a long time; mixed with tears, the make-up left has stained the handkerchief. Out of favor, I don’t wash nor dress up; so why trouble to send me pearls as sympathy for my loneliness?” In the fourteenth year of Tianbao, An Lushan launched a rebellion. It was not known what became of Lady of Plum at last.